Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feelings and Politics: A SImple Question

How would you feel if you got what you wanted?  You hate abortion.  You succeed in helping to make it illegal.  How do you feel?  You think we need to change the way we choose our leaders ... namely we need impartial control of the drawing of congressional districts.  You fight hard for it and it happens.  How do you feel?  If everyone in this country is free to marry whomever they want without having to make any sacrifices to do so, I would be immensely happy and I would not feel the slightest twinge of regret.  We would be stopping some folks from imposing their religious beliefs on others, allowing many people to simply live their lives and enjoy them, and not suffering much in the way of negative consequences.  I would not feel guilt about imposing my views on someone else's life, I would feel as if I had addressed the root of the problem.  I would feel really good, and so would a lot of other people.  No anger.  No vengeance.  No guilt.  The question is, can you say the same about the causes you are fighting for.  Can you consider the facts, logic, reason, the feelings of others ... and still feel satisfied and content with victory?  It's an important question, that will not always be answered with a yes.

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