I also have a poetry blog. Below is a poem I have recently written for that blog, along with a link to the blog and a link you can use to check my book of poetry out on Amazon. Feel free to buy it too!

(First Impressions)

Today I brushed my teeth
With my sleek new electric toothbrush
At eleven at night
Standing in the tub
With a bath towel over my head
I can tell you that
I have been brushing with the old school toothbrush at night
For weeks
To avoid waking up my wife and
That tonight I really wanted to use my new toothbrush and
I wasn’t quick enough to think about just bringing it with me into the office
I can tell you a lot of things but
No matter what I say
You will still be picturing me
In the bathtub
Towel over my head
Brushing my teeth

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